Different types of horses participating in horse racing

Types of horse racing- We all are well aware of the fact that what actually the term horse racing means. We know various horses like Lady Eli and much more are being ridden by some trained jockeys. These jockeys are provided actual training to handle horses like Lady Eli. But do we know the famous types of horse racing? Or do we consider that there is only one type of horse racing? The thing is we are not aware about the various possible types of horse racing. So, basically there are different possible horse racing that includes flat racing, jump racing, harness racing, endurance racing. The procedures of all these racing are different and there is a specific criteria on the breeds of horses that can participate in a particular horse racing. There are different rules, different terms and conditions for all these types. This depends upon you that which type you choose to participate?Like flat racing requires flat tracks while the harnessed one requires some extra harnessing facilities.

Horse Racing

Different horse breeds participating in horse racing- The maximum of horse racing belongs to the thoroughbred of horses. And this thoroughbred is considered the most popular type of horse racing. Lady Eli is one of the examples of this thoroughbred racing. But the other types of racing like harness racing and endurance racing is not based on having a horse from thoroughbred. They include some other popular horse breeds that can be Arabians, American Quarter Horses and much more. These breed horses are considered to be the part of horse racing that falls in the category of harness racing, endurance racing and much more.

For the viewer it is not important to have an accurate knowledge of all these types of horse racing and breeds of horse participating in different types of racing. One can simply enjoy it without being well aware.




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