When should you consult an Armed Robbery Lawyer?

If you have been accused of any sort of armed robbery lately, you may face serious charges including penalties and even prison time. Under such circumstances you may wish to seek for professional help to help you being released of such charges. David Draper law firm can extend services through the best skilled lawyers with practical knowledge to effectively represent you and deal with the specific case of armed robbery.

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Under what circumstances do you need to hire an Armed Robbery Attorney?

The offense of armed robbery is defined as taking valuable things from any other person by threating to do so by the use of a gun, knife or any other deadly or dangerous weapon, considered to intimidate or force them to give you the item. Whether robbing a house, store, bank or any such action under the threat of any weapon constitutes armed robbery under criminal charges.

If you have been convicted for an armed robbery, then you may have to face jail sentence depending on whether you hold a past criminal history, especially convictions involving any violent offenses; whether any injuries were caused to people, the value of the stolen items and damage to property from where it was stolen, etc. With the magnitude of offense involved in cases of armed robbery, a conviction usually carries a minimum sentence of 10 years to the guilty.

An expert from David Draper could help you avoid conviction. Competent defense attorney can skillfully contradict evidence against you and prove that the prosecutor did not meet the requirements of proving you guilty beyond a judicious doubt. Depending on the case, the lawyer can establish that you were not the person who has been doubted to commit the robbery and that you were not armed and are being falsely accused, etc. A criminal defense lawyer, who has experience in handling armed robbery cases, can help you explore possible options for defending yourself and avoiding serious conviction. At best, professional help may get you to negotiate a plea bargain to minimize the severity of the penalties.

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