The Resurgence of the Ugly Christmas Sweater Tradition

The concept of Christmas sweaters is something that was popular way back in the 1980’s. Back then, the mass population bought these in bunches when Christmas was about to arrive. Things like Santa Clauses, reindeers and sledges were the main ideas to be printed on them.

Soon, these faded away only to be revived again very recently. The idea is to wear as cheesy sweaters as possible. Hence the term Ugly Christmas Sweater was formed. As a direct result, sales were also increased because of this new resurgence.

What They Are About

The main idea about such Ugly Christmas Sweater parties is to wear as brightly coloured and corny designed sweaters as possible. This is mostly done in an ironic manner to revisit the 80’s in a more colourful way.


Ugly Christmas Sweater


Some stores have also reported that they were unable to keep up with customer demands due to the huge amount of orders coming in. Basically, this is a fun way to liven up old school boring Christmas parties with something other than alcohol or something similar (although they are always welcomed as well!).

Where to Buy Them

It is pretty easy to spot these in the market these days. After all, the plethora of brightly coloured colours used for their design is eye catching to say the least. As such, you are likely to find them in any local shop that deals with clothes and fun stuff such as this.

If you do not feel up to it however, you can also check it up online. There are tons of websites which sell these sweaters. You can pick a design for yourself and order one if you feel like it. After all, why shouldn’t you? Everyone seems to have a liking for these things these days. Why not give it a try as well?

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