The benefits premium account can bring in File Hosting

Free hosting is always a restricted and more of a showcase of the product to the consumers. It is never meant for the real time usage and therefore any free account in any product doesn’t let you explore the complete benefits of it. This requires you to go for the next and the good paid level premium account. Premium Account are created for the members who want to get more of the product rather than the free one. This means that they will get more hosting space with high amount of speed also. There are multiple advantage of using it

Premium Account

  • As compared to the restricted amount of space now you will get more space. This is an advantage as compared to let’s say 5 GB now you are eligible to keep the 20 GB worth of data. This is a quite good advantage in terms of file hosting.
  • The speed of hosting will increase. The advantage here will be instead of Kbps you would be now dealing in Mbps. It’s a good deal to do so. It will save your lot of time, wherein present case of free account you would be waiting for hours to upload the data.
  • Premium Account brings you extra advantage such as sharing link with multiple people. Also they will provide you the link via which you can delete the data stored in file hosting server.
  • You will get extra days to keep your data in the drive for long. This is quite good feature as compared to the free version as you need not to manually see and delete the data.

All this is the advantage of using the premium accounts as compared to the free one. If you are still not having the premium account you should not stop on free account and go for it immediately.


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